2nd Chance Treatment Center

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Business Data

Company slogan: 2nd Chance Treatment Centers are full-service outpatient clinics for general mental health conditions & substance abuse.

Headquarters: “Phoenix, Arizona”

Employees: 44

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2014

Specializations: “Addiction Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Addiction Treatment, Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder, Psychiatry, General Psychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry, Medication Management, Psychopharmacology, and Psychotherapy”


Social Media

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2nd-chance-treatment-center




Twitter: https://twitter.com/2ndchancecenter


Marketing Data

Website: http://www.2ndchancetreatment.com

Website title: “Telehealth Available: Addiction Medicine & Psychiatrists located throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area”

Website description: “Telehealth Available: Trusted Addiction Medicine serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Visit our website to book an appointment online: 2nd Chance Treatment Center”


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Website pages indexed: 520

Languages: English