Company description: “Your quality of life is determined by how you feel.

How you feel is determined by the choices you make.

If you wish to feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful, you need to make the right choices.

To make the right choices, there are two prerequisites:

1. You must be deeply connected with yourself

2. You must have a personal, customized system that helps you make the right choices.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that the world is noisy and distracting, so you might live your life looking outward most of the time rather than looking inward.

This is not your fault. It is mostly because the world today is scientifically designed and well funded to keep your attention outside, so it can be turned into money.

Because your attention is mostly outside, you are unable to create a deep connection with yourself (1st prerequisite above).

Because you lack a connection with yourself, you cannot create a personal, customized system that helps you make the right choices (2nd prerequisite above). If you don’t know yourself deeply, how will you create this?

Due to this, you lack internal clarity.

So you make choices that seem exciting in the short run but are not right for you in the long run.

You choose a wrong partner.

You say or do things you shouldn’t do in a relationship.

You choose the wrong work, or the wrong work environment.

Wrong choices lead to stress, anxiety and more restlessness.

The solution is a regular habit of Contemplation – deep thinking.

Contemplation helps you create a deep connection with yourself (1st prereq).

Contemplation on the principles we have created helps you create your personal system of making the right choices (2nd prereq).

Our Contemplation framework is called ADIOS – A Dialogue In Objective Silence.

It is a dialogue that you have with yourself, objectively, in silence. It is a conversation between two people – You and Yourself.

A regular conversation with yourself keeps you calm.

Start the conversation.

We can help.”

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Company slogan: Mental wellbeing for work and relationships through a regular habit of Contemplation – deep thinking.

Headquarters: “San Deigo, California”

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Year founded: 2021



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