Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy

Company description: “The Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy is a psychology practice focused on providing culturally-responsive psychotherapy and psychological assessments. We firmly believe that change and healing is possible and that each person has the innate capacity to grow and lead a more fulfilling a life. We believe that you deserve to work with a therapist who understands and affirms the complexities of your unique intersectional identities and culture. The Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy is grounded in the understanding that all identities (cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual) and all bodies deserve access to excellent mental healthcare. Our practice is sex-positive, trauma-informed, weight-inclusive, and affirming of folks from LGBTQ+, Kink, and Polyamory communities.

Our Clinical Specialties Include:
• PTSD/Trauma
• Race-based Stress
• Depression
Anxiety & Stress Management
• Women’s Issues
• Sexuality, Love, and Relationship issues
• LGBTQ-affirming therapy
• Cross-cultural/multicultural issues
• Group Psychotherapy
• Over-Functioning Professionals

The therapists at ACIP are passionate about group psychotherapy and firm believers that group psychotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for growth and change. We offer a variety of interpersonal psychotherapy groups in our practice. In these psychotherapy groups, there is a strong focus on increasing self-awareness and self-understanding and improving your relationships with others and with yourself.”

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Company slogan: “Providing exceptional culturally-sensitive, psychotherapy and psychological assessments for teens & adults.”

Headquarters: “Atlanta, Georgia”

Employees: 8

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2010

Specializations: “Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy, Mental Health, counseling, Psychologist, Psychological Services, BIPOC, LGBTQ, People of Color, Latinx, Culturally-Responsive, and Multicultural Counseling”

Topic: Psychotherapy

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Website title: BIPOC LATINX LGBTQ+ Therapy | Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy | Atlanta

Website description: “Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy provides culturally-responsive psychotherapy & counseling for Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC), Latinx/Hispanic, & LGBT/Queer communities. In-person therapy in Atlanta or Online Therapy in Georgia & Florida.”


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