Akua Behavioral Health

Company description: “AKUA Mind & Body is more than just a treatment center or residential facility; it’s a revitalizing retreat that provides holistic therapy programs for those who are in need of mental health treatment and substance use addiction. Our integrative approach combines Eastern traditions with Western science to provide the highest quality of care combining physical, psychological, spiritual and science-based approaches in detoxification, outpatient, and residential treatment. With facilities throughout the Sacramento Region, Los Angeles & Orange County Region, and San Diego Region, we aim to provide our clients with the best mental health and addiction treatment possible. Our goal is to help patients build a solid foundation for healing so they can live happy and healthy lives in recovery.”

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Headquarters: “Newport Beach, California”

Employees: 169

Ownership type: Private

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Specializations: “Detox Services, Behavioral Disorder Treatment, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Outpatient Services, Treatment Programs, Addiction Recovery, Inpatient Residential Rehab, Drug and alcohol Rehab, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Treatment, mental illness, and mental health rehab”


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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/akua-mind-&-body






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Website: http://www.AkuaMindBody.com

Website title: Home – AKUA MIND & BODY

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