Animal Angels Therapy Center / Animal Angels Foundation

Company description: “Animal Angels is an only organization in India working in the field of Human-Animal Interaction and in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy since the past 20 years. Animal Angels is a team of professionals with expertise in implementing various programs in the field of human-animal interaction. Through interaction with our trained therapy animals, we provide comfort, acceptance and unconditional love and therapy to all those people who are in the need of it. We believe in the concept of “Animals for Human Wellness”.

Animal Angels has a not-for profit arm, called ‘Animal Angels Foundation’. The NGO was established with a vision to spread the benefits of animal therapy to those who were in need but would not have access to therapy or animals. We work with a dedicated team of pet owner who volunteer with their pets, professionals who volunteer as handler and therapists. For more information, log on our work, you may visit our website: or follow us on Instagram @AnimalAngelsFoundation”

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Company slogan: Only organization in India providing mental health services with Animal Assisted Intervention.


Employees: 3

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2003

Specializations: “Animal Assisted Intervention, Animal Therapy, Animal Assisted Counseling , Human-Animal-Nature programs, Animal Assisted Reading, Training of therapy dogs, Play therapy, Corporate Comfort Dog programs, and evaluation and certification of therapy dogs”


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