Anthony’s Way -The Road to Kindness Foundation

Company description: “We created Anthony’s Way to remember our dear son. Anthony passed away shortly after his 18th birthday. He had ADHD & with one impulsive act, we lost him.
When Anthony passed, we made a vow to help kids & their families. Over the past two years we designed our approach & Mission to “Empower & Help Kids with ADHD!” We are turning our family’s tragedy into our Life’s Mission!

ADHD affects nearly 10% of Kids. Our goals are to be a hands-on foundation that deploys a proven ADHD Life Coach model to help Kids with ADHD identify their given talents / gifts & to be successful on their path to high school graduation.
Through our Foundation, we are covering:
– the associated costs of medical care (above what is covered by a family’s medical plan);
– the cost for ADHD life coach services;
– educational tutoring services;
– costs for extra-curricular activities that may help identify a child or teenager’s passion;
– and, awarding scholarships.
The Kids in our program will be awarded Scholarships for the Kindness Acts that they do through high school graduation! Following Anthony’s Way of caring, loving and showing Kindness, our Foundation can make a real positive impact!

We helped our son identify his many talents – his love for cars, martial arts, singing & bringing kindness to so many people he met during his short life! Anthony’s story, both the way he lived & the way he passed away, impacted so many lives. That’s why our Foundation is named – Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness!

Children are special! We have to help those with ADHD! We miss Anthony every day & by making his love come to life, we can impact so many children.
As Oprah Winfrey said, “When you make loving others the story of your life, there is never a final chapter because the legacy continues!”
We have big goals & we invite you to join our caring community. We need your help, support & donations.
If you’re insinspired to help or want more information, please contact us!
Thank you!”

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Company slogan: Our Mission is “To Empower & Help Kids with ADHD!”

Headquarters: “Kure Beach, North Carolina”

Employees: 5

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 2022

Specializations: “ADHD Life Coaches, Healthcare, Legal & Financial Advisors, Retail Pharmaceuticals, Governance, and Business Execution”

Topic: ADHD

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