Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS)

Company description: “Traumatic events and sudden unnatural loss have affected individuals in all communities. The Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists is an international organization dedicated to excellence in services to individuals impacted by these events and others. ATSS members represent a variety of professions actively involved in trauma treatment, crisis and disaster response and management, crisis intervention, trauma services, and long term treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other reactions to traumatic experiences. Our individual and team members represent first responders, military personnel, chaplains, social workers, treatment specialists, addiction and recovery specialists, psychologists, crisis response and trauma team members, public safety personnel, law enforcement, fire services, grief counselors, educators, hospice workers, employee assistance counselors, victim service specialists, and others dedicated to excellence in service to victims, co-victims, and survivors.

ATSS offers three professional international certifications for qualified members. These certifications are:
Certified Trauma Services Specialist (CTSS) for individuals engaged in trauma-informed services; Certified Trauma Responder (CTR) for those involved in trauma response; and Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist (CTTS) for individuals engaged in trauma treatment. ATSS certification is important because victims, survivors and the general public expect skill, integrity, and protection from harm. ATSS certification is recognition for specialized work, skill, and level of training, professional conduct, and experience. And ATSS certification offers a method of increasing credibility to practitioners and organizations through an international and standard of excellence in a specific and unique field of expertise and provides benefits to employers.”

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Specializations: “Reduced membership for seniors, students and organizations, Professional recognition for trauma treatment, service and response specialists, Promotion of trauma-focused education and training, and On line Membership Directory”


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Website description: La Fondation de Nant organise l’ensemble des soins psychiatriques publiques de l’Est vaudois à la demande de l’Etat de Vaud.


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