Company description: “Mental Health can’t wait.

We have a proven Mental Health Platform for Health Systems — Rapid, reliable mental health triage and clinical consultation with research-grade asynchronous telepsychiatry, built for businesses that serve patients.

We will redesign mental health care systems through AI-driven semi-automation so that the provision of excellent accessible mental health care for all patients becomes the accepted standard of care.

Our vision and our passion is that mental healthcare will be available to everyone, anywhere, anytime. We envision a world where there is no stigma about taking care of your mental health and where health care systems are redesigned to make accessible mental health care just as important as physical care.

We have performed 12 years of clinical trials research to demonstrate the feasibility, effectiveness and patient satisfaction with asynchronous video care. This involved about $7m in grants and led to 15 peer-reviewed publications. In 2022 the Asynchealth co-founders, all with a decade or more of collaboration on these studies, decided to commercialize the process. Hence the company.

We are committed and passionate about the importance of our disruptive approach to improving the accessibility and efficiency of mental healthcare and promise to deliver our product and services so that mental healthcare is available on time, anytime and everytime.

As a startup company we are especially interested in investors who have an interest or expertize in mental health and welcome such contacts.”

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Company slogan: “Rapid, reliable mental health triage and clinical consultation with research-grade asynchronous telepsychiatry”

Headquarters: “Pebble Beach, CA”

Employees: 14

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2022

Specializations: “mental health, psychiatry, informatics, telemedicine, and asynchronous care”


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Website title: “Async Health — Rapid, reliable mental health triage and clinical consultation using research-grade asynchronous telepsychiatry”

Website description: “At Tapestry, we provide mental health, substance use and eating disorder treatment in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We’re here to help you start a new path.”


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