Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center

Company description: “At Blue Ridge we strive to provide the most amazing experience to any individual who walks through our doors whether it be a person seeking treatment or a local vendor making their weekly delivery. Our staff desires to make everyone feel accepted, that they belong and that they become competent about the disease of addiction and the process of recovery. We utilize empathy, understanding and compassion to soften the sometimes harden hearts and minds of some of our clients and their families in hopes to make them hungry for a new life and new purpose.

As we work hard to do this we are sensitive to our client’s welfare and confidentiality. We want our clients to feel safe and confident that they can acquire the help they need without sacrificing their privacy. The Blue Ridge staff accomplishes this through their awareness and expertise in the field and by portraying daily integrity in what we do.

We also recognize the importance of carrying the message about the disease of addiction and the recovery process to those outside the borders of Blue Ridge. We believe we have an obligation to be educated and versed in such a manner about this disease that we can help society better understand it’s devastating effects and the ways to help people recover.

Blue Ridge doesn’t believe people have to want to get help to experience recovery. We believe that when given the right chance in the right atmosphere people can and do recover from this tragic disease. Blue Ridge is that right chance and that right atmosphere. Blue Ridge stands united in passion, dedication and commitment not only in serving our local community but also our nation.”

Business Data

Company slogan: “IGNITING the Fire, INSPIRING the Change & INFLUENCING the Heart through CONNECTION and TRUTH to those we serve.”

Headquarters: “Ball Ground, Georgia”

Employees: 34

Ownership type: Public

Year founded: 2012

Specializations: “Substance Abuse, Addiction, Therapy, Experiential, Trauma, Co-Occurring, and Families”


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Website title: Premier Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab | Georgia | Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center

Website description: Our premier drug and alcohol detox program and residential rehab center in North Georgia treats substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in adults.


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