Camden Case Management

Company description: “Camden Case Management offers management services to individuals with mental health and/or addiction challenges in need of ongoing support to successfully pursue their reintegration goals. Camden Case Management collaborates with clients who may be at various stages of their healing process. Our team is dedicated to developing flexible, creative, and individualized reintegration plans for each client within a comprehensive support structure. Utilizing a multidisciplinary team and a multi-tier program of available options, our aim is to assist our clients in moving towards functional independence through reasonable and achievable goals.

Camden Case Management (CCM) is founded on the principles of excellence and compassionate care, attuned support, and respect for our clients and their families. Each client has a personalized case management team that works closely with family members and outside clinical providers and support personnel participating in the client’s reintegration process. We view regular communication as essential in the success of goal achievement. Utilizing our approach, we have noticed that our clients benefit greatly from comprehensive, ongoing and long-term case management services in several areas, such as reintegration plan creation and revision, daily phone support, home visits, medication adherence, life skills coaching, recovery related activities, communication skill building, community development, active participation and accountability.

Camden Case Management requires all of our clients to be simultaneously working with an outside team of clinical provider(s). We do not perform clinical services with our clients, but rather serve as an adjunct to their ongoing clinical work with their respective clinical providers. Camden Case Management will support skill building, internal resource allocation and emotional regulation learned within their clinical settings.”

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Company slogan: Offering reintegration support services to individuals with mental health and addictive disorders.

Headquarters: “Los Angeles, California”

Employees: 8

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2018

Specializations: Case Management and Sober Companioning


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