Caroles Candles

Company description: “Carole’s Candles is more than just your typical candle company. We are a story of survival.

Our company began in 1996, when our founder, Carole was diagnosed with breast cancer. Looking for a way to relax from the mental and physical effects of chemotherapy and radiation, Carole bought a slab of wax, a mold, and a small vile of scent, and created her first candle. The love she had for crafting candles ignited a passion which would help her along the journey from being a breast cancer patient to becoming a survivor.

Carole’s Candles is committed as a brand to help others find their path towards wellbeing. Through Fundraising Opportunities, we hope to bring a smile to the face of a million people by achieving whatever fundraising goal they have in mind. This was the commitment our founder made to herself, and the same commitment we make to others. What is Your Charity? What is Your Fundraising Goal? How Can we Help You Reach Your Goals?”

Business Data

Company slogan: To Good Health and Wellbeing!

Headquarters: “Stockton, California”

Employees: 2

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 1996

Specializations: “candles, wholesale, retail, gifts, specialty gifts, and home decor”


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