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Company description: “Your brain is what makes you, you. It is the center of your mood, your attention, your success, your personality, and your dreams. Our tasty, liquid, and ready-to-drink formula was made to support the brain on all three levels. Physical. Mental. Emotional.

What could you do with an extra assist?
Get the promotion
Close that deal
Ace your exam
Remember your appointment
Pitch the investors
Develop a new idea
Pursue your dreams

Cover Three’s Brain Assist supports it all. And does so without stimulants, added sugar, or harsh tasting ingredients.

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Other products:

Brain Defense: The best brain supplement for any athlete. Play stronger. Focus longer. Perform under pressure.

Kids Brain Boost: The newest and easiest way to give your child’s developing brain what it needs to thrive. Chicken fingers, pasta, and pizza are yummy to a kiddo, but they aren’t brain food. Our simple to use and tasty packets fill in the gaps and support your child’s bright future!”

Business Data

Company slogan: “Our tasty & liquid formula is what your brain needs to focus, regenerate, and stay calm under stress.
Ditch the pills 💊”

Headquarters: “Corona del Mar, California”

Employees: 2

Ownership type: Partnership

Year founded: 2017

Specializations: “brain health, focus, clarity, mood, longevity, attention, concentration, omega3’s, curcumin, trans-resveratrol, alpha-gpc, and brain”


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Website title: Cover Three® | Redefining Brain Health | Doctor Formulated

Website description: “Courage to Nourish is a team of Health at Every Size (HAES), eating disorder dietitians dedicated to help and support eating disorder recovery.”


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