“Frontline Services, Inc.”

Company description: “Established in 1997, Frontline Services provides a full scope of services to families with developmentally disabled children, elevating overall quality of life and wellbeing with cutting edge programs and solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Frontline Services specializes in providing residential services, family support services, clinical services, adult foster care, community living supports, day training, supported employment, and more to families with disabled children.

At Frontline Services we believe that the personnel who work directly with the disabled are our most important assets in our solutions driven program. The line between the individual and the provider staff is of the upmost importance at Frontline Services, grounding the vision behind our name – “Frontline.” Our dedicated professionals have a passion for their work and genuine care for the individuals they serve. Our caregivers are the beneficiaries of many deep and lasting benefits, but seeing the individuals they serve achieve their goals outranks all others. If you have ever worked to teach a task to a person with disabilities, surely you know the joys of witnessing the long-awaited conquest of a seemingly undoable task, no matter how small it may seem.

Frontline Services is licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services, and is a contracted service provider for the Division of Services for People with Disabilities and the Division of Child and Family Services.”

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Headquarters: “West Jordan, Utah”

Employees: 23

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 1997

Specializations: “Residential Services, Family Support Services, Clinical Services, Adult Foster Care, Community Living Support, Day Training, and Supported Employment”


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Website: http://www.allaboutfrontline.com

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