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Company description: “Healthy Mind Online Pte Ltd (HMO) is a Social Enterprise registered with Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). It provides an online platform focused on mental wellness and health. The platform provides end-to-end online support to users from the comfort of their homes. A unique structured approach is used to engage users. It hopes to help contribute towards a healthier and happier Singapore and the World, by getting significantly more persons in need find help and support.

From 2019 onwards, HMO focus is on Resilience or Work-Life Balance, which focuses on holistic wellness incorporating mental and physical health. We are working with Healthcare providers and Government to reach out to employees, and School Counsellors to reach out to the student community. Working with our partners we have designed the Resilience Quiz, and evolved our online Video support to include Messaging support in a major way. Power of Messaging over an extended perriod was a major learning from our support groups in 2018, in terms of empowerment, effectiveness and ease of use.

Healthy Mind Online has been running peer-led online mental wellness workshops since the beginning of 2018, and completing 30+ workshops in 9 months. These pioneering video-enabled workshops leverage on work done in Singapore and globally in the Mental Wellness and Education sectors, and makes innovative use of online methodology to reach out to persons with mental health issues (PMHIs). The workshops have been developed with participation and input from mental health professionals and service users or peers, including a clinician and peer support specialist from the Institute of Mental Health Singapore (IMH). The workshop has been nominated by IMH for National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal 2020.”

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