Hope Counseling Pittsburgh

Company description: “Hope Counseling Pittsburgh helps people thrive as they move forward in their lives, achieve personal goals, and restore relationships. Our behavior and perception of ourselves is influenced by our individual history, relationships, and how we make sense of our lives. Gaining awareness and understanding of our challenges is part of the dynamic process toward change that can occur in counseling.

At Hope Counseling Pittsburgh, it is of the utmost importance that the therapeutic relationship be safe, supportive, and encouraging to clients. Through the counseling experience, one learns how to transcend circumstances in order to find hope in the journey through life.

With the belief that everyone is created in the image of God, there is endless hope for healing and restoration. Hope Counseling Pittsburgh recognizes that change is a process. Utilizing the incredible courage it takes to step forward to health and healing one increases understanding of self, experiences compassion and hope through the therapeutic relationship, engages in evidence-based interventions and the integration of Christian principles.”

Business Data

Company slogan: “Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families”

Headquarters: “Wexford, Pennsylvania”

Employees: 6

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2020


Topic: Counseling

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hope-counseling-pittsburgh






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Website: https://hopecounselingpittsburgh.com/

Website title: Wexford Counseling Services | Hope Counseling Pittsburgh

Website description: “Hope Counseling offers Wexford Counseling Services that helps people thrive in their lives, achieve personal goals, and restore relationships.”


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