Human Dynamics and Diagnostics

Company description: “Since 2004 we’ve been committed to providing the highest quality services for adults, teens, children, and families in Idaho.

Why choose Human Dynamics & Diagnostics for your mental health needs?

*We’re specialists and provide evidence-based services. Our team of multidisciplinary providers works together to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs. You will be connected with the right specialists to help you efficiently achieve your goals using the most effective techniques.
*We’re convenient. With locations in Idaho Falls, Salmon, and Caldwell our services are accessible to residents of Idaho cities and rural communities. We offer psychiatric telemedicine services, as well.
“We’re here to help you create the life you want. We utilize evidence-based approaches to help you find relief from depression, anxiety, trauma, marital and family distress, behavioral problems, and substance abuse, to name a few. Do you want to improve your parenting, create richer relationships with others, or simply live a more fulfilling, satisfying life? You’ve found the right place.”

Business Data

Company slogan: “Committed to providing the highest-quality mental health services for adults, teens, children, couples, and families.”

Headquarters: “Idaho Falls, Idaho”

Employees: 22

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2004

Specializations: “Psychiatry, Counseling, Children’s Developmental Services, Service Coordination, Targeted Case Management, Peer Supports, and Family Supports”


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Website title: “Human Dynamics & Diagnostics – highest quality services for adults, teens, children, and families in Eastern Idaho.”

Website description: “We personalize therapy in a way that works for you. We offer counseling,
EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, online therapy, couples therapy,
and more.”


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