“In His Image Counseling Center, PLLC”

Company description: “In His Image Counseling Center, PLLC provides evidence-based mental health treatment centered in a Catholic understanding of the human person. Our team of clinicians desire to help individuals reclaim their sense of goodness and dignity as beloved children of God. Our goal is to bring Christ’s healing and peace to suffering hearts and minds through excellence in psychotherapy.”

Business Data

Company slogan: Evidence-Based Treatment Centered On a Catholic Understanding of the Human Person

Headquarters: “Irving, Texas”

Employees: 6

Ownership type: Private

Year founded:


Topic: Counseling

Social Media

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/in-his-image-counseling-center-pllc

Facebook: https://facebook.com/In-His-Image-Counseling-Psychiatry-Centers-758752174279218/


Instagram: https://instagram.com/inhisimagecounseling



Marketing Data

Website: http://ihicounseling.com

Website title: “In His Image Counseling Center, PLLC”

Website description: none

Email: officeassistant@ihicounseling.com

Referring domains: 8

Website pages indexed: 5

Languages: English