Company description: “At IndoorCare we partner with companies to improve their indoor office environment for the health, wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Indoor air can be up to 10 x more polluted than outdoors and we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Poor indoor air, light and sound affect our mental state, it gives us headache, fatique, lack of concentration and mood swings. Employees become unproductive which is costly for any organization.

We know what it takes to prepare your indoor environment to be healthy so that your employees can go to work and focus on your business.

We offer subscription based packages all focused on eliminating indoor pollutants, bacteria and viruses on surfaces and airborne as unhealthy indoor air causes your employees to feel fatique, eye irritations, lack of focus and concentration, mental health issues are all related to poor indoor environment quality.
We are here to help your business and employees.

Let’s improve wellbeing at work together!

Email us at or our
Chief Wellbeing Officer:

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee!”

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Company slogan: “Helping organizations create healthier spaces for the wellbeing, health and productivity of their occupants”


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Website description: “Counselling & Psychotherapy in Georgetown to families, couples, children, adolescents, adults experiencing anxiety/depression, relationship issues, trauma/PTSD”


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