Intuitive Healing Psychotherapy Practice

Company description: “Intuitive Healing Psychotherapy Practice provides therapy services to teens, adults and couples in NYC.

Our focus is to help you discover your healthiest self, recognize patterns in how you relate to others, and restore balance in areas of your life that may need fine-tuning.

Our therapists share a common goal of helping you get to the deeper “stuff”​ in a place where you can feel safe and comfortable to explore your world – we aren’t here to “figure you out”​ or analyze you! We believe that you already possess the harmony, health, and balance you are seeking – we are the facilitators to help you uncover it.

If you’re looking for a collaborative style of therapy built on trust, compassion, and authenticity, you’ve come to the right place!”

Business Data

Company slogan: “We are a therapy practice in NYC offering open-minded and
effective psychotherapy for adults, teens, couples & families.”

Headquarters: New York

Employees: 25

Ownership type: Partnership

Year founded: 2017

Specializations: “Couples therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Trauma, Family-of-origin issues, Art therapy, Intersectionality, Women of Color, LGBTQ, Teens, Sandplay therapy, EDMR, and PTSD”

Topic: Psychotherapy

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Website title: Psychotherapy Practice – Intuitive Healing | NYC

Website description: “The American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners is a group of professionals dedicated to the safe clinical use of ketamine.”


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