Company description: “America is hitting all-time highs with its rates of addiction, depression, obesity, chronic pain and disease, but the best doctors are either really expensive or have multi-month long wait lists — especially for conditions that were once rare and have now grown into epidemics. The need for care is surging but provider shortages and lack of access makes it worse. Our goal is to solve for this shortage by empowering more healthcare providers to build practices that help to fight these epidemics.

We launched the first version of Klinic to help patients get access to the most cutting-edge treatments via telehealth. We built our own platform, marketing automations, and patient education engine from scratch. Most providers don’t have the engineering or marketing resources to integrate the latest technology and services into their practices, and every provider struggles with this as they start new practices, which oftentimes creates tons of bandwidth constraints and limits their ability to connect with patients.

We’re now building Klinic Automation — a platform empowering independent practitioners to launch and grow their own practice without the pain of starting up. By empowering these healthcare practices, we aim to serve the millions of people struggling with access to care by connecting them with the best independent providers across the US.”

Business Data

Company slogan: Klinic empowers Independent Practitioners to build practices by creating a Shopify-like experience to launch and scale.


Employees: 40

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2021



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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kliniccare






Marketing Data

Website: https://klinic.com

Website title: “Addiction, Mental Health & Psychiatry Treatments | Near Me”

Website description: “Mississauga therapists providing in-person and online counselling for individual, couples and families. Schedule a free consultation!”

Email: support@klinic.com

Referring domains: 120

Website pages indexed: 37656

Languages: English