Company description: “Healthcare is suffering under the weight of technology that is built for profit and not for the purpose of creating better experiences for patients or providers.

MediSprout is a hybrid care practice management solution that uses purpose-built technology to support the contemporary and demanding staffing and patient needs of behavioral and mental healthcare providers. More than just a video connection, our feature-rich solution streamlines workflows and harnesses efficiencies to create more time for care, eliminate provider burnout, and foster sustainable business growth.

We’re laser-focused on building strong therapeutic alliances between patients and providers; elevating the experience for everybody, creating stronger care continuity, and better care outcomes.

Small behavioral healthcare practices are often challenged to maintain the high level of security their patients prefer. Our HIPAA-compliant technology works to mitigate security threats altogether, while giving patients, providers, and organizations the privacy, respect, and confidence they need for successful visits.

Together with our many current practice partners, we’re taking a bold step away from a broken sector and moving toward a future with a more accessible and equitable healthcare ecosystem for all.

Thank you for exploring MediSprout.”

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Company slogan: A hybrid practice management solution that’s purpose-built for behavioral and mental healthcare

Headquarters: New York

Employees: 11

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2013



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Website title: Hybrid practice management software

Website description: Find more time for care and get better care outcomes with hybrid practice management software for practices of one to 50 providers.


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Languages: “English,Spanish/Castilian”