Mental health coaching – Life Coach & Life crisis intervention

Company description: “I have a deep desire to help people find meaningful and fulfilling life. Mental illnesses can be challenging every day of someone‚Äôs life. It can be even more difficult during the holiday season. I’m currently looking for clients with history of mental illness, substance abuse. It’s okay, you’re not alone. 2 in 5 Americans struggle with mental illnesses. I feel happy I can come to you and service to your home anywhere nationwide or international. Everyone’s journey is different. Learn more about how you can hire m
* 1 to 1 companionship- obsesense of safety/security and comfort from the constant presence of a mental health specialist, particularly if client felt frightened by their urges to hurt himself/herself or others. Therefore, it will be at the comfort of client’s home.
* Solve loneliness. We’ll provide mental health support, helping client escape loneliness and social isolation by engaging with client. Develop coping strategies how to manage crisis, mental health, depression, anxiety even suicide. A mental health specialist will assign24/7 for extended treatment care.”

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Company slogan: Mental health coaching & life coach – Home Health care services. We help seniors who are recovering.

Headquarters: “Boston , Massachusetts”

Employees: 4

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2015

Specializations: “mental health services, life crisis intervention, solve loneliness, counseling , consultant, and mental health treatment”


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Website title: Care Group Boston | Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

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