Mental Wellness Center

Company description: “The Mental Wellness Center is a Santa Barbara non-profit organization recognizing that mental illness is a community matter that affects us all. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and families, through support, education, and direct services. We are crusaders of progress in the effort to educate youth and families about the realities of mental illness, combating stigma and myths that so often hinder access to treatment. We believe in a new high standard of response to mental illness that helps people at the earliest stages and prevents unnecessary impairment and suffering for individuals and their families.”

Business Data

Company slogan: Improving mental wellness in Santa Barbara since 1947. The Mental Wellness Center is proud to serve our community!

Headquarters: “Santa Barbara, California”

Employees: 58

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 1947

Specializations: “Mental Health Services, Mental Wellness Services, and Mental Health Awareness”


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Website title: Home – Mental Wellness Center

Website description: “501c3 educating individuals in schools, workplaces, faith institutions, and communities in mental health using the be nice. program.”


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