Mindfulness Project Thailand

Company description: “The Mindfulness Project is a monastery project based in Khon Kaen, Thailand and creates a working retreat which uses a revolutionary system to improve the possibilities of sustainable living. We are a German Non-profit organization with a spiritual foundation, dedicated to planting 100% of our donations straight into the ground.

We use a combination of modern scientific methods with ancient philosophies to promote personal development and healthy living. For example, we combine yoga, meditation, and spirituality, with nutritional guidance, psychology, and talking therapies.

We also use this combined approach in the fields of integrated agriculture, green building, alternative energy and recycling.

Our aim is to create an example of environmental and social utopia to show the world another way of living. While the Mindfulness Project is already planting seeds of change in the minds of volunteers and community members alike, we aim to grow this impact exponentially.”

Business Data

Company slogan: “The Mindfulness Project is a monastery project in Khon Kaen, Thailand, offering yoga, meditation and working retreats”

Headquarters: “Ban Muang Wan, Khon Kaen”

Employees: 3

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded:

Specializations: “mindfulness, eco village, natural building, permaculture, buddhism, yoga, meditation, group therapies, neuroscience, and nutrition”

Topic: Mindfulness

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mindfulness-project-thailand






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Website: http://www.mindfulness-project.org/

Website title: Home – Mindfulness-Project

Website description: “ESMHD is an international Non-Government Organisation for the promotion of the positive mental health of deaf people in Europe. Mental health includes healthy emotional, psychological and social development, the prevention and treatment of mental illness and other disorders. ESMHD focuses on people, who were born deaf or deafness occurred in early childhood and whose first or preferred language is sign language. The ESMHD is interested in the mental health of all deaf people, whatever the age of onset or degree of deafness.”


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