Company description: “MoodTools makes science-based mental health apps that are free and accessible to everyone. From our debut toolkit app for depression (MoodTools) to our gratitude journal app (Simple Gratitude Journal) to self-test apps for mental illness (i.e. PTSD Test), we aim to improve therapeutic effect, raise awareness, and offer resources to improve one’s mental health.

Available on iOS and Android.
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Our apps include:
• MoodTools – Depression Aid for depression self-help using CBT-based skills
• FearTools – Anxiety Aid for anxiety self-help using CBT + exposure therapy skills
• PanicShield – Panic Attack Aid for exposure-based skills to decrease panic attacks
• CBT Thought Diary for challenging negative thought patterns the CBT way
• Breathe Easy for guided breathing exercises during mindfulness meditation
• Simple Gratitude Journal for recording daily gratitude and improving overall well-being
• Suicide Safety Plan for resources and points of contact in times of crisis
• PTSD Test for psychoeducation, self-test, and follow-up resources based on test results
…and more!”

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Headquarters: “Chapel Hill, NC”

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Year founded: 2014



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Website title: “MoodTools – Feeling sad or depressed? Lift your mood with free, evidence-based tools.”

Website description: “MoodTools is a free, convenient, and easy-to-use smartphone app that provides six evidence-based tools to aid against clinical depression and negative moods on a large scale.”


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