Open Seminars on Philosophy and Psychiatry Foundation

Company description: “Open Seminars on Philosophy and Psychiatry (OSFP) Foundation is the fruit of work carried out by a group of people who share a strong belief that Polish mental health protection system and treatment methods available within its framework are unsatisfactory and incomplete. They are lacking, somewhat, in common ground which could allow for the authentic and reciprocal communication, acting together and values- based attitude toward a patient.

To confront this problem, in 2015 we decided to start public discussion on the application of philosophy and humanities to growth of social awareness of mental issues and needs and undertook the organization of the first conference of the Open Seminars on Philosophy and Psychiatry series. It was the first time that this matter had been brought up in Poland on such a scale. Thus, we believe that Foundation activities and aims can fill in the gap in national mental health protection system.

We collaborate among others with International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry, Warsaw University, Maria Curie Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw Fountain House, eFkropka Foundation.

Our current activity covers five areas:

#OSFP_KNOWS – OSFP conferences, educational workshops (on values-based practice among others). This year we host for the first time The 21st Annual Conference of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP 2019)
#OSFP_ASKS – nationwide survey: Standards of Psychiatric Care together with eFkropka Foundation
#OSFP_HELPS – charity work for children’s and youth psychiatric ward in Lublin (Abramowice)
#OSFP_CREATES – theatre group ,,Crisis’’ run by people who have encountered mental problems
#OSFP_IN THE RUNNING FOR…? – sport events, run for mental health as the priority”

Business Data

Company slogan: “We are creating the surplus values for psychiatrists, philosophers and people with mental issues experience.”

Headquarters: “Warszawa, Woj. Mazowieckie”

Employees: 5

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 2017

Specializations: “filozofia, zdrowie psychiczne, psychiatria, humanistyka, konferencje, szkolenia, warsztaty, wartości, badania, etyka, bioetyka, and filozofia psychiatrii”


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Website title: “Fundacja Otwarte Seminaria Filozoficzno-Psychiatryczne – Psychiatria, Filozofia, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Mental Health”

Website description: “NAMI Southwest CT offers support for those affected by mental illness through advocacy, free mental health support, online groups & award-winning education.”


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