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Company description: “At Peak Mind, we empower officers and employees to thrive, creating safer workplaces and true societal change.

We equip officers – and companies –  to move beyond awareness into action – in the moment it is needed. 
Our human-centered technology solution curates fully vetted local experts, giving each employee on-demand access to immediate action steps for well-being in the workplace.

We help organizations increase engagement, happiness and well-being while reducing healthcare costs, using our unique employee engagement formula:
Comprehension (awareness and understanding of self and others) +
Compassion (providing resources and action steps to be more thoughtful while taking action for self and others) =
Connection (this results in being better connected and centered, which creates stronger teams and organizations)
Our fully researched approach is proven to mitigate costs and create happier, more engaged employees:
80% of employees are disengaged which equates to 12% US GDP in these ways, Annual cost of disengagement at work: $500 billion,
Annual cost of work related stress: $300 billion,
Annual cost of chronic disease: $1.1 billion,
Annual cost of work-related injury and illness costs the US $250 billion.

It starts with passion. If your employee’s passion isn’t there with you and your organization, it’s okay and even beneficial to be an exporter of talent and encourage them to find what they really want to do – even if it’s not with you.
If they are passionate about working with you, do everything you can to support them and help them keep going – and growing.

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Company slogan: Creating Thriving Workplaces! Peak Mind is a bridging company goals and employee mental well-being:

Headquarters: “Indianapolis, IN”

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Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2020

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Website title: Peak Mind- reducing workplace stress and empowering employees

Website description: “How to engage your employees to thrive? Use our coping skills to make work
better, and easier for all. Lower workplace stress today. Drive measurable
engagement and retention with your people— every single day. Easy and
effective coping skills in micro-minutes. Take 3-5 minutes today to Peak!”


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