PsyTech VR | Mental Health system

Company description: “PsyTech VR — immersive multimodal micro training for fear, phobia, stress, anxiety and PTSD in VR/AR, and consultations with therapists using VR telemedicine (XRaaS)

PsyTech VR combines the expertise of a team of highly trained professionals who have come together to make people forget their fears, stress, and anxieties once and for all.

Our mission is to ensure the mental health of the Earth’s population through the introduction of innovative VR/AR technologies in the process of overcoming mental health problems.”

Business Data

Company slogan: “Mental Health and Wellness immersive training for fears, phobias, and PTSD, including VR telemedicine & bio-sensors mask”

Headquarters: “Frederick, Maryland”

Employees: 5

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2021

Specializations: “Mental health, VRET, Virtual reality exposure therapy, Phobia therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Meditations, Mindfulness, VR metal health, CBT, Psychology, Virtual therapy, welness program, wellness program, vr wellness, mental health, phobia, and wellness”


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Website title: “PsyTech VR | Mental Health and Wellness system for Meta Quest, PICO and HTC”

Website description: Claire provides the diagnostics capabilities that digital health providers need to deliver optimal care to their remote patients.


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