Company description: “Remente is a holistic wellbeing system for individuals and businesses, a coach in a digital form that lets individuals or teams reach goals, create healthy habits, manage negative stress, stay focused, and on track both at home & at work.

Remente helps individuals take charge of their lives, both personally and professionally with the use of simple digital tools based on psychology, coaching, mental training, and neuroscience.

Some of the benefits of using Remente are:
– Increase your work-life balance
– Set goals, maintain focus and direction while managing stress
– Stay organized and motivated
– Form healthy habits
– Increase your self-awareness and get perspective on what’s important
– Be more productive and perform at your best
– Increase your well-being and grow as an individual
– Communicate better and get better relationships

The tools we offer in our comprehensive yet easy-to-use system are the following:
– Life assessment: visualize what’s important in life and how it’s balancing.
– Goal setting: turn dreams into tangible steps to get there.
– Dynamic day planner: take charge of your day, reach long-term goals and form healthy habits.
– Weekly insights & statistics: Track progress, reflect on achievements, what works for you and not, and take it to the next level with the Mood Tracker, Journal & Journaling feature.
– +200 resources created by experts to help you thrive: courses, articles, exercises, and guided pre-made goal plans.

Remente is seamlessly integrated on multiple platforms and works both in your phone, on your computer and on tablets.

Our consumer app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Remente for business is our digital Wellbeing & Performance Development System that increases employee wellbeing, engagement and performance. It contains extra features such as Remente Pulse where you can collect continuous feedback from your organization by measuring psycho-social work environment, engagement, and eNPS in real time.”

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Company slogan: Remente is a mental wellbeing app that helps individuals and businesses build mental resilience.

Headquarters: Göteborg

Employees: 8

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2011

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Website title: Mental wellness Platform – For Businesses & Individuals | Remente

Website description: “Leading mental wellness platform for personal growth and empowerment. Improve your mental wellness, productivity & motivation with Remente’s mental wellness platform.”


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