Sister Moon Studio

Company description: “At Sister Moon, twin sisters Dot and Cat Brantley design simple, creative, soulful workshops, in beautiful Charleston, SC. Our workshops offer artistic ways to destress and express creatively, and our students reflect feeling relaxed, centered, and more connected with their creative nature after taking our classes.

Our creative events are perfect for celebrations, team building events, and large gatherings.

We offer:

:: Pop-up public workshops (at various locations)
:: Private workshops for you and your group (at your location)
:: Private art lessons
:: Private creative mindfulness sessions

If you’re looking to plan a meaningful, relaxing, and fun event for your team, we are your girls. Contact us to get the planning started!”

Business Data

Company slogan: “Team building art workshops, we teach creative ways to destress and reconnect with your inner artist.”

Headquarters: “Charleston, SC”

Employees: 2

Ownership type: Partnership

Year founded: 2018

Specializations: “Art, Workshops, Team Building, Leadership, Mindfulness, Watercolor Painting, Fabric Dyeing, Mandala Art, Creative Mindfulness, Wellness, and Private Events”


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Website title: Sister Moon Studio

Website description: “Harvest Therapeutics is mental health therapist in Denver, focused on healing anxiety, and providing family therapy. Reach out to learn more!”


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