Teen Line

Company description: “Teen Line provides support, resources, and hope to young people through a hotline of professionally trained teen counselors, and works to de-stigmatize and normalize mental health through outreach programs.

For 40 years, Teen Line has provided an anonymous, nonjudgmental space for youth to talk about their problems with highly trained teens who are supervised by adult mental health professionals. Our teen volunteers receive over 100 hours of training on mental health issues ranging from anxiety to suicide, Active Listening, and crisis and suicide assessment.

Every night from 6 to 10 p.m., our trained teen volunteers answer calls, texts and emails from troubled peers – helping them to explore options, coping skills and their support network, while also offering referrals to supportive resources. Youth from across the globe contact the hotline for personal peer support from someone their age who genuinely understands.

Teen Line also reaches out to the community with our Community Outreach Program, going directly into schools and youth groups to talk about topics pertinent to teenagers. We offer our expertise and training to community groups, including the Los Angeles Police Department’s Juvenile Procedure Training School, where we have provided our Teen Suicide Prevention Training since 1996. We also offer this training to other local law enforcement agencies, as well as the LAUSD School Police, DARE, the American Red Cross and other community groups.

Hotline number: 310-855-HOPE
Website: https://teenlineonline.org
Office Number: 310-423-3401″

Business Data

Company slogan: “Teen Line is a non profit supporting youth mental health through a peer hotline, outreach programs & trainings.”

Headquarters: “Los Angeles, CA”

Employees: 27

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 1982

Specializations: mental health and adolescents


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Website: http://teenlineonline.org

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