The Bariatric Counseling Center

Company description: “The Bariatric Counseling Center is an innovative intensive outpatient behavioral healthcare program exclusively designed to help people struggling with obesity, over-eating, emotional eating and weight loss. Offering group and individual therapy, dietary guidance, culinary instruction, mindful eating and physical activity education in an integrated multidisciplinary format, the program empowers and enables individuals to understand and change their relationship with food and movement. Tools are provided to achieve sustained behavioral change and improved health, weight, and quality of life for the long-term.

The center, with a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen and a beautiful, welcoming and safe environment, is staffed by a diverse and compassionate team of healthcare professionals, including psychologists, dietitians, counselors, physical therapists and nurses, as well as an executive chef, all dedicated to making the journey toward a healthier lifestyle a successful one.

The intensive outpatient program is covered my most health insurance plans. Programming is offered both on-site and virtually.

The center collaborates and works in partnership with many medical practices in San Antonio and throughout Texas.”

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Company slogan: Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare for Obesity

Headquarters: “San Antonio, Texas”

Employees: 8

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2017

Specializations: “bariatric, weightloss, counseling, lifestyle, healthy, life changing, obesity, food addiction, binge eating, intuitive eating, mindful eating, and mindful movement”

Topic: Counseling

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Website title: The Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio – Weight Loss Counseling

Website description: “The Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio is an innovative program designed to help people who have struggled with eating disorders, emotional eating, and weight loss by providing therapy and support in a unique, multi-faceted group and one-on-one format.”


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