The Hong Kong Psychological Society

Company description: “The Hong Kong Psychological Society was founded in 1968. Its principal aims are to encourage the growth of psychological activities in Hong Kong and to promote the development of an appropriate professional environment to faciliate the maintenance of professional standards for psychologists. To this end, the Society maintains a Code of Professional Conduct for the guidance of members and to compel the observance of strict rules of professional conduct as a condition of membership. It also maintains a Register of psychologists who have applied for and granted admission to the Register.

The Society is both a learned society and a professional association. It is the only organization of psychologists in Hong Kong which represents all specialties of psychology. The Society is a limited company under guarantee.

HKPS Mission:

* Advance the scientific study and professional practice of psychology in Hong Kong

* Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among the various specialties in psychology

* Promote the dissemination of psychological knowledge within the profession and among related professions and the general public

* Enhance and guide the standard of teaching, training and practice of psychology in Hong Kong

* Advise on the application of psychology to assist with assuring best practices in the fields of public health, education and welfare”

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Employees: 15

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 1968

Specializations: “Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Public Education, Continuous Education, Professional Development, Professional Standards, Membership, Professional Registration, and Psychological Science”


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