The Nicholas Negron Mental Health Foundation

Company description: “The Nicholas Negron Mental Health foundation was formed after the tragic loss of our dear friend Nicholas Anthony Negron; who lost his life to suicide in January 2019. Our foundation’s mission is to bring mental health awareness to the tri-state area by sharing Nick’s story, hosting fundraisers, and eradicating the stigma of struggling with mental health related issues. Nick touched the lives of so many in the surrounding area and beyond. We hope to bring the same smiles that Nick brought all of us to those struggling with their own mental health.”

Business Data

Company slogan: A non-profit organization aiming to spread mental health awareness using our resources to directly affect the NY/NJ area

Headquarters: “Mahwah, NJ”

Employees: 6

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 2019

Specializations: “event planning, fundraising, mental health awareness, event management, donating, charity, mental health, and events”


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Website title: Nicholas Negron Mental Health Foundation | NNMHF | United States

Website description: “New Horizons Behavioral Health provides compassionate, professional care for individuals and families struggling with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or addictive disease in Columbus, Hamilton, Lumpkin, and Cuthbert Georgia.”


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