TMS of South Tampa

Company description: “TMS of South Tampa is a progressive psychiatry practice dedicated to healing and excellence in care, with a focus in treating depression with TMS Therapy. Our office is designed to be calming and aesthetically pleasing. We are conveniently located in Hyde Park behind Memorial hospital where Dr. Pages was the previous Chief of Psychiatry.

TMS of South Tampa is a leader in healthcare quality. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare service. We honor individuality, empower people through open and honest communication and strive to earn the loyalty of every person we serve.

⦿ Excellence in mental health treatment and care
⦿ Serving patients as individuals and honoring their humanity
⦿ Team commitment to respect, communication and diversity

At TMS of South Tampa, we are leading the way in TMS Therapy, both locally and at the national level. Dr. Pages in South Tampa was not only one of the first to provide TMS Therapy in Florida but he has devoted his practice to advancing the technology.

⦿ One of most experienced TMS doctors in country
⦿ Nationally recognized as leading TMS provider
⦿ Actively involved in research to expand utility of TMS”

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Headquarters: “Tampa, Florida”

Employees: 5

Ownership type: Private

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Specializations: “TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Mental Health, Clinical Psychiatry, Major Depression, Anxiety, Bi Polar, and Schizophrenia”

Topic: Depression

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