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Company description: “The Triumph Program has worked with athlete’s and professionals at all levels of performance from youth to olympian. We are known as the “Head”​ Coaches, which means we help you to perform at your peak both mentally and physically whether in the game, the courtroom or the board room.

High performing athletes have learned that to be your best you not only have to put in the physical work, but you also have learn to think like a champion. Our goal is for you to have fun and enjoy your sport because research shows that athletes perform much better when they are able to relax and enjoy the game.

Our program consists of licensed professional counselors (LPC) who have an emphasis in sports psychology. By using counselors we have the ability to identify past events that have caused doubt and performance anxiety. Our program is designed for those individuals that are good athletes and have a burning desire to be great.

Who would benefit from Triumph coaching? Athletes who(se)
-Are no longer having fun
-Have hit a performance plateau and want to move beyond.
-Are overcoming an injury
-Nerves are holding them back
-Are struggling with confidence
-Are afraid of making mistakes
-Are overthinking their game

Benefits of working with a Triumph coach:

✓ Learn to control your emotions
✓ Get rid of performance baggage
✓ Gain more confidence in your abilities
✓ Develop a champion mindset
✓ Get back in the game after an injury
✓ Overcome fear and anxiety
✓ And…have FUN again!

When athletes complete our program they walk away with an abundance of indisputable confidence, no pre-game jitters, the ability to relax and focus on command, and no fear of the outcome of the competition.

If you’d like to set up a free 30 minute Strategy Session, please send us a message on LinkedIn and we’ll make it happen.”

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Company slogan: Up to 90% of peak performance derives from a strong mental game – train your brain and unlock untapped potential.

Headquarters: “Kansas City, Missouri”

Employees: 2

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2014

Specializations: “Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming an Injury, Mental Performance Coaching, Business Professionals, Attorneys, Lawyers, Athletes, Overcoming Fears, Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, New Mindset, and Addiction Treatment and Recovery”


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Website title: Triumph Performance Institute | mental health training for professionals

Website description: “Triumph Performance Institute believes that everyone is a performer; and coaching performers to be the best is WHAT WE DO!  Mental Health Training for Professionals.

Whether you’re an athlete, a lawyer, a doctor, or a business professional.  You HAVE TO PREFORM to get the RESULTS!”


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