Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Resource Center

Company description: “Uncle Joe’s is a peer counseling organization that provides confidential, 24/7 counseling services and resource referrals to undergraduates at Washington University in St. Louis. We are:

Highly Trained Peer-Counselors: All of our Uncle Joe’s counselors have undergone 100+ hours of intense training on an extensive range of issues that members of our community may be facing. Undergraduate students of Washington University in St. Louis are welcome to stop by during our office hours or call at any time to talk about any problems or concerns they are dealing with.

Confidential: Members of Uncle Joe’s will not disclose any information about a client’s identity or situation. However, in circumstances where an individual is in immediate and severe danger, confidentiality is not maintained.

Equipped with Resources: As both a counseling and resource center, we are not only knowledgable about available resources on and off campus for appropriate issues, but we also have an abundant supply of resource materials, pamphlets, and brochures in our office that cover a wide range of issues college students and others commonly face. Further, if a client wants ongoing or additional help, we have referrals to over 100 different organizations on campus and in the St. Louis area.

Student-Run and Staffed: All of our counselors are Washington University students who have volunteered their time and energy to serve our community.

Are you a current or former Joe? Apply to join our alumni group! https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14059444/”

Business Data

Company slogan: Peer mental health counseling service for undergraduates at Washington University in St. Louis.

Headquarters: St. Louis

Employees: 25

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 1978



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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/uncle-joes-peer-counseling-and-resource-center






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Website: https://uncle-joes-resource-app.vercel.app/about

Website title: Uncle Joe’s

Website description: Citta is a social venture that aims to combat student suicide and increase accessibility to mental health resources for Indian students


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