Unlimited Potential Counseling & Education Center

Company description: “Unlimited Potential Counseling & Education Center is a clinic focused on the mental health and educational needs of individuals and families. In addition to general counseling services, we specialize in providing support for neurodivergent children and teens through a neurodiversity-affirming lens.

We are able to provide educational assessments (for cognitive giftedness, learning disabilities/dyslexia, etc.), one-on-one tutoring for dyslexic students, and support for establishing Section 504 Plans and Individualized Education Plans for students.”

Business Data

Company slogan: Therapy and educational assessments from neurodiversity-affirming clinicians.

Headquarters: “O’Fallon, Missouri”

Employees: 3

Ownership type: Private

Year founded: 2011

Specializations: “Mental Health, Counseling, Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Counseling, Tutoring, Educational Assessment, IQ Testing, Twice-Exceptional, Gifted/Talented, and Neurodiversity”

Topic: Counseling

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unlimited-potential-counseling-education-center






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Website: http://www.unlimitedpotentialstl.com

Website title: Unlimited Potential Counseling & Education Center

Website description: none


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Website pages indexed: 246

Languages: English