Walter’s Walk

Company description: “Walter’s Walk is a non-profit organization that promotes psychological health and emotional wellness through a team of dedicated and qualified professionals. Our purpose-centered organization provides services to help patients overcome, understand, and even to find meaning in the difficulties they are asked to bear.

Our Mission and Focus is helping those in need with:
> Trauma
> Depression
> Anxiety

We are proud to have been recognized by the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program Office of Excellence

We provide services to each and every individual who reaches out to us regardless of their ability to pay. We accomplish this mission by relying on the generous donations of our sponsors and the dedication of our staff. All of our counselors and professionals are committed to the wellness of the community by serving those in need without insurance or a means to pay.

Listen to the words of individuals and families members who have been helped including combat veterans, police officers, first responders, survivors of unexpected loss, and those struggling with mental disorders including depression and bipolar disorder.

“Very different from traditional treatment centers; a place of acceptance, a place to find your inner peace”

“Support for the whole family: kids, teens, adults, seniors”

“A place where it is OK to need help and not be self conscious”

“No one gets turned away regardless of ability to pay”​

“Not just therapy, holistic wellness at a very gentle pace”​

“Change is uncomfortable but everyone has the opportunity to heal”​

These individuals and families were helped through the healing process because of the empathy and generosity of our sponsors. Please join us as a sponsor by donating at our website:”

Business Data

Company slogan: A caring path to wellness

Headquarters: “Hazelwood, Missouri”

Employees: 16

Ownership type: Nonprofit

Year founded: 2010

Specializations: “Play Therapy, Trauma counseling, Affordable Mental Health Services, and EMDR”

Topic: Counseling

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Website title: Affordable Mental Health Services | Walter’s Walk Counseling | United States

Website description: Walter’s Walk is a nonprofit counseling organization that supports the St. Louis community by providing affordable mental health services.


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