Company description: “★ WellWise are the workplace wellbeing optimizers ★

WellWise understands the frustrations of leaders and wellbeing professionals who work tirelessly to respond to the needs and demands of their employees, only to yield poor engagement with and limited impact from their wellbeing improvement efforts.

Despite decades of investment, improved understanding, and an ever-increasing list of solutions on offer, workplace wellbeing indicators are getting worse. Burnout, employee turnover, disengagement, resistance, and increasing health insurance premiums are only a few of the ways that languishing wellbeing is consuming our precious resources.

WellWise has studied this phenomenon in detail, written two powerful documents to help you to make sense of it, and designed a much-needed fresh new diagnostics and strategy service to get you ahead of the curve.

We may be the new kids on the block, but that’s exactly why you should engage us. The old way simply isn’t working, so we’ve pioneered a better approach that addresses all of those expensive barriers to success.

Curious? Get in touch.

www.bewellwise.com/inspiration for:
E-book: Workplace Wellbeing: How we got here and where we went wrong
Whitepaper: Wellbeing 2.0: A strategically integrated approach.”

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Company slogan: “Workplace wellbeing strategies designed to drive your corporate mission, maximize ROI & VOI, and unleash potential.”

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Website title: WellWise – Workplace Wellbeing Optimized

Website description: “Allied Safety Group (ASG) is YOUR partner in workplace safety. ASG Safety & Training Professionals develop a solutions-based approach to Occupational Safety and Health Compliance and provide required and/or specialty safety training, tailored to your needs.”

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